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scripted drama


Executive Producer

Shaina is a Peabody-nominated scripted feature film on which I served as a Creative Executive Producer for Impact(Ed) International. It is the story of Shine, an orphan who, in the face of life-altering events, is forced to rely on her own ingenuity and determination to face her future. Rooted in human-centered design and surrogate-based behavior change, this movie instills in young women a growth mindset essential for health, agency, and self-efficacy while also challenging harmful gender norms by driving a culture of positive masculinity. 


I worked directly with our South Africa production company to build the right creative team, oversaw the scripting process and worked with a complex set of stakeholders – including government officials, donor partners, Zimbabwe-based implementers and subject matter experts – to ensure the messaging was accurate and effective while still maintaining an engaging and relatable set of characters and storyline. I currently oversee distribution, marketing and audience engagement.

Shaina Trailer

Shaina Trailer

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