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About Regan

Regan Alsup is a Creative Producer, Content Strategist and Visual Storyteller who has produced and distributed video-based content globally. Regan believes that a well-crafted story has the ability to engage and inform people in unique and powerful ways. She specializes in using storytelling to influence how people perceive and interact with the world around them and her content has propelled measurable shifts in consumer behavior and social norms.

Regan approaches each project by first understanding its unique messaging and audience engagement goals and then developing a format and distribution strategy to match. She has produced content ranging from 30-second web- and social media-based shorts to full-length scripted feature films.

Regan's most recent projects include an International Emmy-winning animated series formatted for TV and the web and a Peabody-nominated feature-length TV drama. She is currently working on developing more short-form commercial content and exporting her most successful content formats to new geographies.

When Regan is not hunting down the most interesting stories around the world, she lives in Denver with her husband and their dog Luna.


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