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My Better World:

An Animated/Reality TV Series for Sub-Saharan Africa
Impact(Ed) International

“My Better World” is an exciting new 18 half-hour video series produced by Impact(Ed) International, based on the successful “My Better World” book by CAMFED. The story-driven show seeks to build self-knowledge, confidence and problem-solving abilities among African youth through a fresh format that combines entertaining animation with real-life issues and documentary segments.

I acted as Producer for this project, contributing to the creative vision and execution as well as leading audience engagement asset creation and broadcast and digital distribution.

Beyond my role as Producer, I crafted a high quality website from scratch

( aimed at promoting the broadcast and providing facilitation materials and resources to viewers. Additionally, I secured broadcast license agreements, leading the show to reach a weekly average of 1.7 million viewers in Kenya, earning a #1 rating in its time slot every week of broadcast.

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