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promotional video series



These videos were created for “The Discovery Project 2”, a unique partnership between the UK’s foreign aid office (FCDO), Discovery Communications and Impact(Ed) International. At the conclusion of the project, FCDO requested a way to immortalize individual stories of impact. Working alongside a US-based production company, I arranged an ambitious three-country two-week shoot in some of the most remote parts of Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya, scheduled for March 2020. When the pandemic cancelled our shoot plans, I quickly pivoted, coming up with a creative and safe alternative. Working with stakeholders and creative talent in each country, I remotely and successfully oversaw six scaled-back interview shoots, and worked with the production company to on-board an upcoming African illustrator to fill in b-roll gaps. This quick creative thinking resulted in a unique set of impact videos that the donor described as some of the most innovative portrayals of impact from a project to-date.

Impact(Ed) has since used these videos to secure over $2.5 million of additional funding to continue their work in girls' education in Kenya and Nigeria.

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