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REGAN M. ALSUP | 248.807.5887 |

Professional Objective – use the power of media to tell stories that enable and motivate meaningful connections between humans and the world around them. 



Impact(Ed) International (formerly Discovery Learning Alliance) 

Washington, DC


Director of Production & Media Strategy (March 2021 – Present)

Producer (January 2018 – February 2021)

Associate Producer (June 2015 – December 2017)


  • Lead all stages of a diverse production portfolio ranging from educational content meant to spark curiosity among students and communities across sub-Saharan Africa to mass media projects including scripted feature films and TV series.

  • Manage complex communication workflows between diverse sets of partners including clients, internal stakeholders and project beneficiaries.

  • Ensure successful and on-time execution of high-ambition, low-resource creative concepts with consistent on- or under-budget performance; negotiate pricing and deliverables with production vendors and ensure on-time project delivery.

  • Contribute to high-level organizational strategic brainstorms and business development prospects; represent Impact(Ed) at important international gatherings, including donor/client workshops, development and media conferences and media for social impact thought leadership summits. 


Freelance Filmmaker (January 2014 – June 2015)

Washington, DC

  • Synthesized the expressed needs of varied clients into a unique creative approach, setting clear targets upfront and delivering at or above expectations; liaised closely with the clients from start to finish in order to ensure the finished product fulfilled the initial and actual client vision and intention.

  • Provided video and communication expertise and guidance to a diverse range of large organizations such as the National Park Service and National Geographic as well as individuals and small businesses in order to promote and convey their stories and work.

  • Individually managed projects and crafted production plans, timelines, and budgets based on clients’ available resources and schedules; submitted deliverables on or before predetermined dates; tracked analytics and reach in order to determine success of marketing.


The Collaborative (March 2013-June 2015)


Washington, DC

  • Provided creative, technical and organizational assistance to a small production team while creating promotional videos for The Collaborative clients, including Ashoka Fellows and Compass Partners.

  • Aided in scouting interview locations, setting lights, and prepping interview subjects; conducted interviews; managed assets to prepare for post-production.

  • Contributed to weekly strategy meetings and project brainstorm sessions; took charge of project logistics and daily communication with clients; managed internal team organization and coordination.


National Park Service (June 2012-March 2014)

Climate Change Science Video Producer

Washington, DC


  • Contributed to a multidisciplinary team in the national Climate Change Response Program to achieve NPS’s highest-priority communication goals; produced, filmed, and edited short-format online videos that educate park rangers and the public about the effects of climate change in national parks.

  • Led or contributed to all stages of production; assisted with development of key messages; arranged and conducted interviews with senior scientists and NPS staff; led all on-site shooting logistics; shot b-roll in diverse natural environments; created engaging graphics to explain scientific concepts.

  • Balanced multiple video projects concurrently, all in different stages of production; edited and captioned content produced by other professional and amateur videographers to meet agency’s requirements under federal law; managed social media posts showcasing new videos and tracked viewership and reach.


“My Better World” Animated/Reality Series ––

“My Better World” is a story-driven series seeking to build confidence and problem-solving abilities among African youth through a fresh format that combines animation with real-life issues and documentary segments. While I supported the creative execution of the series, I also led the audience outreach and distribution of the series, which challenged me beyond the traditional roles of a producer. In order to successfully draw viewers, I focused on photography and promotional asset design and created an interactive and engaging website ( Additionally, I helped execute a license agreement with the highest-rated broadcaster in Kenya, bringing the show to an average of 1.7 million Kenyans per week.

“The Discovery Project” Girls’ Education Challenge Impact Videos ––

At the conclusion of “The Discovery Project” – a unique partnership between the UK’s Department for International Development, Discovery Communications and Discovery Learning Alliance aimed at improving girls’ access to quality education and life opportunities in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria – the donor requested a way to immortalize the impact of the project. Working with local educators and stakeholders in the three countries and directing an internationally renowned production vendor, I produced a three-minute video highlighting the project’s successes through the voices of those benefitting most, along with a 60- and 30-second cutdown. The cutdowns were broadcast over 10,000 times across Discovery’s international networks, resulting in more than $14.5 million in donated airtime.

IUCN World Parks Congress, Climate Change Stream Video Reflections ––

Produced and edited over a five-day period on-site at the 2014 World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia, this video is comprised of interviews with Congress delegates as they reflect on climate change and the role of parks and protected areas in beginning to solve the issue. I was tasked with incorporating a wide range of voices and defining the narrative in a very short period of time. Despite the complex set-up and execution, the video was well received by Congress participants during and after its debut at the closing plenaries.

Simensky Studios Process Videos ––

Different than many of my interview-based videos, these process videos are based entirely on visuals, and challenged me to present the artist and his work in a way that genuinely represents his process and vision, while still creating a continually engaging video. Additionally, working with an artist pushed me to expand the bounds of my creativity as I strove to match the style of the video to the level of artistry shown in his products.

Cool Scientists Videos, National Geographic Education Program ––

The aim of these videos is to present scientists and their work in a way that is easily accessible and interesting to middle and high school students in order to encourage the students to pursue science in their studies and future careers. Acting as sole editor on these three-minute videos, I took interview footage from various sources and various dates and combined it with pertinent b-roll in order to construct engaging stories. I also crafted simple graphics and animations in order to provide fun and appealing visuals to supplement the content of the interviews.

Climate Change in National Parks Video Series ––

In filming, producing, and editing these episodes, I used compelling stories to communicate the science, education, and resource management being done in the national parks; interviewed a wide variety of subjects, including senior scientists, graduate students, high-level members of the NPS leadership team, and interns working in various parks; explored highly complex issues like ocean acidification and phenology while working to explain them to diverse audiences; and promoted the work of student interns and fellows doing research and communicating about climate change as part of the George Melendez Wright Climate Change Youth Initiative.​

Climate Change Stop-Motion Demonstration Videos ––

In conceptualizing these stop-motion demonstration videos, I strove to create a visually entertaining and fun viewing experience for teachers and students to use in both informal and formal educational settings. These are the first videos I produced that were not based around an interview, and challenged me as a filmmaker, communicator, and non-scientist to explore a new visual medium to explain climate change concepts.​


American University, Washington DC

      BA, Communications (Film and Media Arts);

      BA, International Studies (Concentration in Peace and Conflict Resolution in Africa)

      University Honors, Dean’s List, Summa Cum Laude

Regan Alsup, filmmaker



  • Creative problem solving

  • Demonstrated ability to


  • Proactive mindset

  • Complex schedule management

  • Diplomacy and professionalism

  • Goal-driven approach

  • Strategic planning


  • Narrative development

  • DSLR cinematography

  • Cross-cultural storytelling

  • Documentary interviewing

  • Non-linear editing

  • Asset Management

  • Campaign development


  • Adobe Suite (Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign)

  • Wix Website Design

  • Final Cut Studio

  • Camtasia Captioning

  • Microsoft Office

  • Mac OS X

Language and Writing:

  • Proficient in French

  • Copy writing and editing

  • Subject matter research

Ghana, Nigeria & Kenya

Multiple Trips, 2016-2020

  • Led strategic vision and production for classroom-based video content ranging from math to malaria to Mars used in over 2000 schools and communities.

  • Ensured all productions were in line with local curriculum and informed by regional and international partners, including teacher and student beneficiaries, donors/clients, and government officials.

  • Directed creative vision and execution of project- and organization-wide promotional videos. 

South Africa & Zimbabwe

Multiple Trips 2016-2020

  • Contributed as lead partner and producer on feature film projects, overseeing production, marketing & photography and audience engagement activities.

  • Lead film distribution efforts, including world premieres and festivals, broadcast TV markets and grassroots screenings.

  • Exceeded expected deliverable performance, resulting in client funding for second feature film.


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Bali, Indonesia

Spring 2016 & 2018

  • Coordinated panel discussions and presentations at the Social Behavior Change Communication Summit (SBCC), including as a member of the committee responsible for curating SBCC program.

  • Presented diverse sessions, including skills building workshops, multimedia showcases and sharing of best practices.


Dakar, Senegal 

January 2012-May 2012

  • Lived and studied language and culture in Senegal.

  • Researched how the media portrayal of the then-current election affected its outcome.

  • Challenged myself to reach beyond the comfort zone of my own culture and previous experience.



  • US Adult National Figure Skating Champion, 2016-2018

  • Avid lifetime hiker, backpacker, bicycler and skier

  • Alternative Break Leader, Peacebuilding and Integrated Education in Northern Ireland, 2013 

  • President and Captain, AU Women’s Ice Hockey Team, January 2011-May 2013


2010 - present

2010 - present

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